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Four Hands in a Tin Can came about because we had nick named ourself "The four hands" when we realised that the first letters of all our names spelt the word "palm".  Moving into a caravan just meant that we were living in what is essentially a Tin Can, so the name of our trip and blog was born.

Some people thought we were crazy, but having two adults in a house with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, often means that things can be a little crazy.  The reason for making a huge change in our lives, and making this decision was not taken lightly and was based around a number of reasons, that I am happy to briefly outline and eventually blog about as we grow stronger.


The first reason we decided to do this trip, was because after 20 years of continuous service to the people, it was time to accept that as adults, we were broken and needed to heal, in an environment that was safe, yet allowed us to explore and find who we were.  One of us had joined the NSWP at the age of 19, and the other at age 24 and those people were no longer even a part of who were are now.

The second reason, was that our children had sacrificed a lot of mum and dad time, so we could serve the state of NSW.  Our children deserved better than that, and we wanted to not only get to know our children better, but to spend time letting them get to know us and to help us heal.

The third reason was because we felt lost.  We had moved for work, been told where to live, where to work and we had met all those obligations, however we didn't actually know where we wanted to live, what environment we wanted to live in and we wanted to empower ourselves and make that choice, all by ourselves.

The fourth reason, was because we watched our son lose confidence and trust, thanks to a bully.  The bully was allowed to target him relentlessly at school, on school camp and within the community.  We knew, that we had remove our son, not only from the school but also from the town so as we could get back the confident, likeable young man we knew had once lived in his body.

The fifth reason, well - who needs a fifth reason, when we have four huge reasons to begin with. Not a single decision was left to chance, from designing the caravan to working out schooling options - and six months after making a monumental decision, we left the NSW country town we had been living in and we hit the road.

27 January 2016, was the date we set to leave, and was the date we left.We hope you enjoy following our travels, but mostly we hope you can laugh, cry and share with us as we experience life on the road.


Pete, Annie, Liam & Mia


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