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March 1, 2019

We left our van at the camp ground in Arthur River, and Diga Dog with some locals we count as good friends, and took off for the day on a leisurely drive through the Tarkine.  Now, we had heard that it was an awesome adventure into the wilderness of the west coast, and while the roads are sealed, and we didn’t really feel like we were truly off the beat and track, we did experience a part of Tasmania that is truly special....

February 22, 2019

You cannot visit Tasmania without visiting Montezuma Falls.  It seems that everyone visits these awesome falls, and we can totally understand why.

Due to fires in the area, we at first thought that we were going to miss them, and we were planning how we were going to backtrack to ensure we didn’t miss out.  We had to miss Zeehan due to the fires, but luckily we could experience Montezuma Falls.

We drove in from Roseber...

February 20, 2019

Sometimes, when travelling, we are told “Don’t miss (insert activity)” and taking this advice has sometimes led to some very disappointing experiences. So, when we heard that we were not to miss Australia’s longest running play, while in Strahan (Tasmania), we decided we better not.

Now, no-one told us anything about the play, they just told us not to miss it. We were told it was hilarious, it was fun and something we would enj...

February 14, 2019

The Red boat….the red boat….the red boat.  Every time someone in Tasmania asked what boat, we answered “The red boat”, and their attitude changed from one of caution to one of friendliness.  It seems, The Red Boat in Strahan is the one to travel on, the one to experience a day on the river and the only one the Locals seems to truly support.

The Red Boat is part of the family owned World Heritage Cruises out of St...

February 11, 2019

In 2016, when we started our first year of Distance Education, we had no idea of the path that we would be on with both the school, the teachers, our children and our travels. We didn’t know that: 1. we would be facing a fourth year on the road 2. Essentially considered homeless, and yet we are happy little vegemite’s all the same.

Well, this year we are schooling the same, but with a huge difference.  A difference that we hope...

February 10, 2019

We ventured into the Mount Field National Park on the promise of seeing some awesome tall trees, a couple of water falls, and the possibility of glow worms. The staff in the Information centre were beyond happy and helpful, and even though much of the National Park was closed due to fires, we could explore the walks we really wanted too.

We set out to walk to Russell Falls, and on the way we made ourselves familiar with where t...

January 30, 2019

We heard the words Airwalk, cantilever bridge, swinging bridges, hang gliding and rafting and of course we had to find out more. We found out that there were walking trails, that we could free camp out there at night and that it was dog friendly. “Let’s go” was the cry we heard from the cheap seats at the rear of the car, and who am I to disappoint.

We drove the winding, twisting road, with the van, from Geeveston out to t...

January 27, 2019

How Do you Level your van? Not long after picking up our caravan, we realised that levelling it was more important than making sure we had a working coffee machine – if you know us, you will know a working coffee machine is top priority!

We had the van parked up in our driveway, and we got out the big old spirit level. We levelled the van – front to back and side to side. Awesome, but if we moved it from our driveway to a cam...

January 17, 2019

Thomas Yardley Lowes was allocated 20 acres of land in 1823 by Tasmanian Governor Sorell, and T.Y. Lowes & Co. Distillery was born. You got it, where The Cascade Women’s Factory stood from 1826, was originally a Distillery. 

You see, Thomas left England with the equipment and money to start a Distillery, as not a single Distillery existed in Tasmania, otherwise known as Van Diemen’s Land, when he set sail. By the time he h...

January 15, 2019

We were super excited to be able to visit the Cascade Brewery. It had been on our list of places to visit in Tasmania for as long as we have been planning to visit. We knew it was Australia’s longest, continuously brewed beer, we knew its heritage dated back in the 1830’s and we were also aware that the Stout was an award winning beer and its Premium Light is one of Australia’s favourite light beers.

What we didn’t know wa...

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