Our first (rather amusing) attempt at free camping…

Camping; it’s about being prepared. Taking on nature and winning. Well, at least that’s what I thought, but then I realised that caravan parks were made to make me think I was taking on nature. After all, in some ways, staying at a caravan park actually has more luxuries than home. 

It’s year three of full-time caravanning now and we at Four Hands in a Tin Can have come to the conclusion that you are mad if you continue to do the same thing over again expecting a different outcome. An easier life, happier travel partners, a better big lap, or even a more comfortable travelling pet, could be just a few tips and trick away.

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A lot of people hear the works 'free camp' and they assume it will cost zero dollars. While this is true for some locations, it is often not the case - freedom camping means that you are self-reliant or self-contained.

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