Jerilderie - N.S.W.

What a stunning town. The main street still has a lot of the old structures, and most have been turned into residential housing. Their claim to fame is that Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang came here in February 1879 and robbed the Bank of NSW. There is a Trail to follow of where the Post Office was, the Bank, the local pub and site of the Police Barracks, lockup and stables.

The Kids rode their bokes into town, which was not far from the Jerilderie Caravan Park, where we are staying.

We did the Ned Kelly Trail and read all about Ned and his gang of merry men. It appears that the towns folk were happy that Ned came to town, as after robbing the Bank he burnt all the paperwork relating to any loans made by the bank to the local people.

There is a stunning a lake in the middle of town, and jas a walk the whole way round it. In the middle of the lake are a couple of islands, and living on the islands are not only Pelican's but goats as well.

We got to see one of the goats - he or she - was very large. I guess being employed by the town to eat your weight in grass everyday is a goats dream.

We found the ANZAC memorial in town. It has the best back drop of the lake, and was opened in memorial of World War 1 in 2010.

The tank was donated to the local town, and is showcased for for the kids to be able to climb all over it.

We ended the day with a yummy wood smoked leg of lamb, thanks to Pete and his great cooking abilities.

Where to next??? Only time will tell.

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