Here we are in Barham, NSW. This is where Pete went to Primary School and Pete's older siblings

We drove into Town to find that the where the Old Police Station and Police House sat is now a club. The house was moved out to the lake to become a managers residence.

We made the fly of the pants decision to pop into the Baraham Lakes Caravan Park. There was no-one here and we had first pick of sights. We were spoilt for choise, and chose to set up our van right

We have a friend, who stopped by not long after we had finished setti

The tootless terror, AKA Mia, lost another tooth. We are hoping t

I am sure there will be more news from Barham, and I don't think 5 nights will be enough to enjoy the serenity of this place. I think this will be a place that we will re-visit when we get the chance.

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