Poppy and the Magpie

The beautiful man in this picture is Poppy (Pete's dad). Poppy left us in November 2014.

One of my favourite memories with Poppy was when Liam was born. A couple of days after the birth, Nan and Pop came to visit. As soon as Pop walked in to the room and spoke, in his deep scottish accent, Liam's head turned towards him. The bond was that strong, and instant, that it blew me away.

Both kids loved their pop, and the bond was amazing to watch. In Pop's last weeks, we spent a week visiting him in hospital. The kids knew that he was fragile and not well, but pop refused to be sick in front of the kids.

He had no energy, could not walk very far, and really just wanted to sleep, but the moment Liam and Mia walked into the room he would find the energy to talk to them, laugh with them and even walk the halls of the hospital with them. He loved sitting Mia on his walking frame and pushing her through the hospital.

The kids each have the picture above hanging on their bunk walls. It was something they did without a second thought when we were setting up the caravan.

The night that pop past away, Pete and I were woken from our sleep at 1.30am to a box fan falling over in Mia's bedroom and all the sensor lights around the house and garage came on. About 2 minutes later the phone rang, and Pete's mum (nan) told us the sad news.

From that day forward we had a Magpie move into our yard. We jokingly called him Pop, and he would always go and check out what pete and the kids had been doing in the yard when they went inside. He was always near by, watching them.

Well, since leaving home we have had a magpie at every stop. He is not as shy as he was when we were at home. He is happy to hop into the camp site and check out the set up as Pete is setting it up. We have a giggle to ourselves when the Magpie moves a bit of dirt or a stick from around a tyre that Pete has already checked is secure.

Our Magpie has introduced the kids to more wild friends here at Barham. The kids have been able to hand feed wild kookaburra, and pop is happy to stand in the back ground and watch.

I guess, with Pop following us on our trip, looking after us, we are in safe hands. We look forward to seeing Pop every time we get somewhere new and we have not been disappointed yet.

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