Lysterfield Park - Victoria

On Sunday 13 March 2016, we met up with Pete’s cousin Alison and her husband Neil.

Alison introduced us to the lovely Lysterfield Park. What a stunning sanctuary within suburbia.

We went on the promise of having a nice picnic while the kids played and rode their bikes around the park. I packed the roast chicken, the bread rolls and the coleslaw for lunch as well as some dip, biscuits , fruit and chips for after – well lets just say that the chicken, rolls and coleslaw came home untouched. We ate all the snacks – thanks to Alison providing more – and lunch was not needed.

It was nice to sit down and catch up with family. We spent some time remembering Alison’s mum, Aunty Betty, and time remembering Pete’s dad. It is nice to go back down memory lane with someone. Aunty Betty played a large part in Liam and Mia’s lives, whenever they went to Port Macquarie to visit with Nan and Pop, they always had a great visit with Aunty Betty too. She even convinced Liam to eat potato bake, when he was all of three. Potato bakes has always been known in our house as Aunty Betty’s potato bake.

It was great shock to us when Aunty Betty past away a few weeks after pop, and it was a tough time for the kids learning that two people who played a role in their lives could be lost so close to each other.

After lunch we went to the lake, as of course where there is water and the possibility of swimming, my two kids will swim. Alison, in her wisdom has brought with her a large yellow duck and a large white swan. They, of course, needed to be blown up, so we did. Yes, we stood there and blew them up – well Pete used the hand pump on the white swan and Neil was happy to kiss the yellow ducks but…..hehehehe. I am pretty sure Alison got a picture of that one.

Mia claimed the white swan, and after watching her wrestle with it to try and carry it (providing much entertainment) she hoisted it over her head and walked to the water. Liam happily carried the yellow duck.

On our way along the path to the waters edge we saw a kangaroo watching us from the scrub. I was not quick enough to get a pic, but he was very well disguised.

The kids had a ball on the swan and the duck, with Liam threatening me with death of I took any pictures. Yeah, I am dicing with death showing these pics, but hey, it is worth the risk.

Thank you Alison and Neil for such a wonderful day. We plan on going back to Lysterfield Park this week and walking the 7.5km track around the lake.

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