Dubbo Zoo

When in Dubbo, you have to do the Dubbo thing – and of course that is to visit the Dubbo Zoo.

It was 40 degrees, but nothing was going to stop us from going to the zoo. The biggest decision was between 1. Riding bikes or 2. Driving the car and staying in the air conditioner. You bet – the car and the air conditioning won hands down. In saying that, we did get out of the car to see the animals.

We went in the afternoon on the first day, and did the afternoon feeding of the monkeys and the wild dogs. We also got to see the feeding of the giant turtles. We could have spend hours watching just the turtles, or the monkey’s.

The next morning we returned to the zoo, and thank goodness it was a bit cooler – but not by much. We saw the Meerkats, and ohhhhh how cute they are. Very fast at catching crickets too. I am thinking that we needed one of those in Muswellbrook for all the crickets that invaded the house every summer.

Onto the Rhino’s and their baby, the hippos and of course the giraffes. The kids loved feeding the giraffes. The are very gentle when taking the food, and two of the females that were there for feeding were pregnant. There was also a baby giraffe born the day prior in the enclosure, but she was being well protected by her mother.

We saw the elephants and learnt that Dubbo has the only African Elephant in Australia. We loved his big Dumbo type ears. There is no breeding program for them here, and mostly likely won’t be. They are very rare, and declining in numbers dramatically.

We sat and watched the lions for a while – the two cubs are nearly ready to move on. Such beautiful and majestic animals.

One of the best things about the zoo was the fact that you could sit and watch the spider monkeys while eating lunch or visiting the kids play area – and that is all free access. Great ways to spend an afternoon, the kids are entertained and you can zone out watching the monkey’s play.

The zookeepers were very informative and attentive, taking the time to answer any questions about the animals, their environments, their programs at the zoo, their diet and any other questions the kids could think up.

If you are not in a hurry, the zoo is relaxing and entertaining for both young and old. The animals were most active when it was their feeding times, so it is best to follow the feeding time program.

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