Bundaberg & Liam's 13th Birthday - QLD

It is September and Liam is turning 13. We are heading into those dreaded teenage years, and we are crazy enough to do it while living in a caravan and travelling this great country.

So; we thought to ourselves, how will we celebrate this milestone with our little man, and make it one to remember.

We are in Bundaberg, so lets do the tourist thing and take the kids to the Bundaberg Rum Factory. He will always remember that he got his first introduction to the Bundy Bear at 13, a lesson in how to make rum, and of course the history of the factory and its involvement in the community during the 2013 floods was also high on the agenda. After all, this trip is about learning about Australia and our great history, our comradery when times are tough and how as a society we are there for each other – a bit like our family I guess.

I must say, if you are in the area, the tour is worth doing. From a trip down memory lane of how rum first came to this country, to how it first started being produced to the commercials and of course the life-like Bundy Bear are all here to see.

The proud history of the place is one Australians should be proud of. Knowing that the factory was flooded during its celebration year, meaning that bottling stopped and that profits were redirected to the community – a community that suffered great losses and many hardships during that time.

The tour takes you to the viewing area of the great bog vats of molasses and a taste test is on offer. The kids were funny when tasting the molasses – not a fan I don’t think after those scrunched up faces and requests for water.

There is a section where there are so many different Bundy Rum bottles on display, it is

so inspiring. They are winning awards around the world now for their rum and during the tasting, afterwards I actually found a very yummy tropical rum (pineapple and passionfruit flavoured) – yes a very girly drink for a very girly girl. What’s even better is that the kids get to have as much soft drink as they like... the little man was in heaven as he loves his Bundaberg Ginger beer.

We then took off to the Bundaberg drinks factory and the kids did a little tour there and a lot of taste testing... there are so many flavours now that I lost count. We walked out with 12 different flavoured soft drinks.

Happy Birthday to our young man, he is growing up way to fast and it is a privilege to be able watch him

turning into a gentleman with each passing day.


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