How I find Distance Education - Students Perspective

Hi Everyone,

Today I am writing an article about me doing Distance Education! Traveli​ng and Distance Education, is it hard? Well actually, its easy and I love it! The system is straight forward, simple, you know what needs to be done, my teachers are helpful and kind, they listen and they help me learn just like in a normal school. The only things that are different is that I am exploring Australia, not sitting in a class room, I don't need to put up with other disruptive students, I do my work, I am not distracted, I have one on one learning, I complete my work over the phone, paper and the internet. This type of learning is BEST!

So, how much school work do I actually do?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I do full 6 hour days like any other student. I have four lessons on Monday, five lessons on Tuesday and four on Wednesday. Each lessons runs for about 30 mins. I also complete some lessons with other students over Skype and teleconference. This is actually so awesome! We get so much work completed in our lessons because there are no distractions. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are our exploring days)

Distance Education also has an SRC like any other school. I am part of this committee and we have meetings over the phone every second week. There are about 12 students that are a part and we all join a teleconference meeting and discuss things on a site called 'moodle' in between meetings.

So to sum it up, Distance Education is so awesome! It is easy to fit in around traveling and exploring.

My teachers are sooooooooo friendly, kind, thoughtful and willing which is how a teacher should be :D

- Liam

Here is a link to a website I made for a technology project:

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