Great Ocean Road - Part 2

We left Angelsea and travelled along the Great Ocean Road. We stopped in Lorne and picked up some post from school for the kids and had a little look around. We have ear marked this town for a stop another time.

We travelled on through Apollo Bay, with Pete commenting that it looked very commercialised. I guess that happens to high tourist areas, but we will be back to explore this part a bit more as well.

We stopped for lunch, and even though it was grey, overcast, freezing with a little drizzle, we were still able to enjoy a rest stop overlooking the ocean (not too far out of Apollo Bay).

We did a bit of whale watching, but I don’t think we saw any….

We travelled on with the intention of staying at a campground at Princetown, however with recent flooding, majority of the sites were closed. I did a quick ring around and found the Recreation Reserve at Port Campbell. On WIKI Camps it stated that the camp ground was closed in winter, but this is a lie…. even the local caravan park promotes the recreation grounds for camping as you can have fires and pets at the rec grounds and not at the caravan park.

We got up super early and took ourselves for a sunrise view of the 12 Apostles. Stunning

does not give it justice, so I will have to add serene, magnificent, awesome and just soul cleansing. Watching these rocks standing there, so stoic against the rage of the ocean, it just makes you appreciate life so much more, just maybe some of the battles we have faced in life are not as hard as what these guys face everyday; then again I am sure that some of our battles have been as bad as this and it made me appreciate that I am still here to experience the beauty of this area.

We made our way down to the London Bridge and Lockard Gorge….exploring the area, walking down onto the beach and appreciating the terror that the survivors of the Lockard faced.

We made our way back to see the 12 Apostles during the midday sun and again we were hit with how much power this site seems to hold. I could have stood there all day enjoying the sound of the waves and the view.

The visit to these locations also allowed me time to explain more about erosion and allowed Mia to examine the big rocks to see where water takes away from the bottom and how rain water works it way through cracks from the top down to create fault lines. I think it would be amazing to witness some of the breaking apart and rocks falling into the ocean. Just imagine the noise that would make.

We took a trip to Timboon and enjoyed a visit to the Ice Cream Shop…. Now there is a farmer who thought outside the box, and they were happy to give you a sample taste of many of the ice creams – which made choosing a flavour harder.

If you have not been to Timboon or heard of it, the farmer there was slowly going backwards, due to the prices that was being offered for his milk. He had the idea to make the milk into ice cream, and so the family business of Timboon Ice Cream was born.

We went to the Whisky Distillery, for a young Distillery (only 5 years old) their Whisky and Vodka was a bit rough, however in saying that, you could see how much they will improve with time. They had a lovely little restaurant attached that was also dog friendly.

On the way back towards Port Campbell we called into the Timboon Cheese Farm. All I can say is yummo. I think the poor lady serving us thought the kids would eat her arm off, with the gusto in which they embraced the tasting of cheese. To say that they love cheese is an understatement.

We enjoyed a lovely cheese platter after our tasting, and the lady changed the platter up a bit so as the kids got a bit extra of their favourite cheese. The gardens were lovely and we enjoyed sitting back and munching away in our cheese.

We did another trip out to the 12 Apostles one afternoon, and enjoyed a sunset with the giant rocks. Again, another chance to enjoy the sound of the water crashing into the rock and marvelling at nature at her finest.

Thank you Port Campbell for a lovely week. The recreation reserve is definitely the spot to stop and enjoy the magnificent coast line in that area.

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