Did you know about these travel apps?

Before you take off on your epic journey around Australia, be sure to download the 'Best Travel Apps' available. Here is a list of apps to help make your journey a lot more enjoyable and easy!

1. AirCamp

AirCamp is a FREE app full of camp sites, caravan parks, free-camps and so much more! This app, which we use every single day is the best we've got and can recommend to every traveller....

AirCamp is growing super, super fast with so many features coming soon. The app contains filters meaning you can find the perfect camp for you! Our favourite and latest filter is the TAWK supporter which you can find more info about HERE!!

You can learn more HERE

2. Fuel Spy

Fuel Spy, another fantastic app built for travellers. Saving money and sticking to a budget on the road can be hard work but the aim of this app is to assist you in picking the cheapest fuel available in your area....

A very, very handy app we definitely regularly use because, why not save money easily and spend it on memories later! PLUS + by contributing to the database with the app you go into the monthly draw to WIN a $50 fuel voucher!!!

You can learn more HERE

3. Gas Finder

Going camping or having a BBQ and need to refill or swap your gas bottle? Look no further! Gas Finder allows you to quickly and easily find the nearest store with the cheapest price! Store prices have dates so you can see if they are recent, and if they're not, you can update them with just a tap of the screen. Prices will then be shared with other Gas Finder users instantly! This is a very user friendly and unique app that you need on your device!!

You can learn more HERE

4. iFirstAid

The new release of iFirstAid by Survival Emergency Solutions gives you useful and up to date information when travelling, such as local and international emergency numbers, GPS tracker, Find my family feature and so, so much more! The app consists for two different versions with both being extremely helpful.

Having first-aid information on hand can prove to be vital. We have never had to use the app but have defiantly explored within it and know that we can rely on iFirstAid!!

You can learn more HERE

5. Hema Explorer

Investigate where your adventure should take you with 40,000 points of interest, save multi-scale topographic mapping to your device and generate a route to navigate offline, then backup your track logs, geotagged photos and trip notes to your Hema Explorer Cloud account to remember your trip and share it online. We totally LOVE this app!! Trip tracking is defiantly our favourite...

You can learn more HERE

6. Travel Australia with Kids

Sorry, not an app but amazingly awesome website full of great information and resources. TAWK® offers so many tips n tricks for travellers including great content and articles...

We 100% love working with Mandy, who proudly runs Travel Australia with Kids to grow and expand her following. She also runs a great program which offers your kids totally FREE accommodation at selected parks around the country.... Learn more HERE

7. Weather Live

Don't let bad weather take you by surprise, especially when travelling! Whether it is cloudy, raining, snowing or even stormy outside, The Weather Live has been the most accurate for us....

You can learn more HERE

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