How does Mia's school work arrive?

July 29, 2017

A lot of people do not understand how a travelling family can receive post from their Distance Education School while travelling.  Not only that, people think that there is so much work that you will never leave the caravan.  Well, Mia and I put together a little video of how she received term 3 work earlier this week.


We hope it makes it a bit easier for you to understand that Distance Education is not as daunting and difficult and collecting post from local post offices is easy.  


Yes, we do have to have a little bit of a plan, and sometimes plans do not always go to plan (we are a walking advertisement for this), however Australia Post are very easy to work with.  They must hold onto a parcel or letter for a month before they return it.  If you are going to miss this time line (as we have a few time - dam that Wiki Camps app and all these great places we have to detour to) contacting the post office or Australia Post itself and letting them know you are running late and will be there a week or two late, then they will hold the post a bit longer for you.


Happy watching.




Life’s clock is ticking…….so get busy living





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