I’m lazy; so let safety work for me!

On starting out on our journey it was important to have things squared away and safety was one of the things that was high on our list. Now if there is something out there that can make our life easier then I’m researching it and getting it if it lives up to what it says it can do.

I read many times where caravan tyres would blow and you had no idea that it was happening until something else happened like severe sway or the kids are yelling “look dad there’s a tyre rolling past us” all whilst driving down the highway doing 90 k’s. As my dad says, “funny now but not then”.

So, with this in the back of my mind, I did some research.

The first system I found was tyre pressure and heat sensors. I ended up buying the FOBO system 20 months ago and got enough sensors for the vehicle and caravan. The system worked ok, but it had trouble on occasion locating the individual sensors, the receiver would go off all the time when it couldn’t read a particular sensor and I found that the tyre sensors had a bad battery life.

Now I mentioned that I was lazy right, so this last issue was particularly annoying for me. The sensors did come in handy whilst travelling on a dirt road and we picked up a stone and punctured the tyre. The receiver alerted us to a rapid deflation and we fixed the problem. The other problem I had was that to see what was going on with all the tyres, in real time, I had to open up an app on my phone to do it. Now in this day and age of not being allowed to touch your mobile whilst driving I started to think; was there something out there that would suit me better.

Our van was set up with the Safety Dave reversing camera already and I was impressed with their system. Their after sales service was excellent and they replaced things without all the usual BS that you have to go through for warranty things. Our rear view clip over camera was playing up, so out came a new one from the box, clipped on, and away we went; but not before we got the run down on their tyre monitor system. We ended up buying the Safety Dave system as it addressed a few of the issues that we were having with our old system. They even gave us a nice little discount.

I love that I can now see what is happening to the tyres on the van and car in real time from the on-board display. We have owned the package now for 6 months and haven’t had to change any of the batteries. The sensors are easy to install and were numbered for ease of installation. We haven’t had an issue or drama (knock on wood) since owning them.

In my opinion the FOBO sensors were ok, but, the Safety Dave tyre sensors and display is far better.

Below is a slideshow of the Safety Dave products we use;

One other thing that has made my life so much easier was finding T-valves. It was a pain in the butt to continually take off, and put back on, to change the tyre pressures. Everybody knows that this could literally be a few times a day if travelling on the black stuff to gravel to sand.

How did I fix this?

T-valves is the answer. They are just two valves in one which allows you to put pressures up and down when needed while leaving the sensor in place. Too easy really. I had them fitted by a tyre fitter and we installed the sensors.

To find the T-valves though was little difficult. FOBO sold them and Safety Dave didn’t but thought that they were a good idea when we mentioned it to them. The valves come from overseas and can be bought direct from them. So; if anything can make my life easier, quicker or smarter I’m all for it and that is why we have the camera, sensors and valves that we do. Hope this has been a help to you and can save you with those all important safety issues.

Life’s clock is ticking…….So get busy living!

Thanks for reading,

From the Four Hands In A Tin Can family

We have secured a 10% discount for anyone who mentions Four Hands In A Tin Can to the people at Safety Dave. Hope it can help you out a little.

The views and opinions shown in this article are our own and we receive no gratuity for making them.

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