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We have noticed a lot of people asking about securing food and other items within their fridge when travelling. I know, people will say things like "Close the door" but we all know that when we open the door after travelling, that things will fall out to meet us. The worst part is when things split open, lids come off and we have a huge mess on the floor.

Prior to leaving home, Pete handed me these awesome Fridge Bars, and yes, I thought "Really!!!, She'll be right! Nothing falls out of the fridge at home!" (I know, Novice Caravaner I was) Boy am I glad we have used them for just about every single trip in the past two and a half years.

The one time we didn't, I think the margarine fell out when I opened the fridge - and yes, it was messy.....

SO, what are they and where do you get them?

They are made by Camco, however the Award RV Superstore in Victoria are releasing their own brand of them in the middle of July. They are called Fridge Bars - and they are spring loaded and adjustable. So, they can be adjusted down very easily to fit a small bar fridge, and easily be extended to fit our larger compressor fridge.

We have also used a couple of them in wider spaces, such as the shelf our Microwave used to live in, they have enough tension in them to expand that wide and sill hold their ground while the van is moving. Yes we have had them in place when driving over corrugation, some steep and windy roads and they have never let us down.

They are not that expensive, and they are seriously an "adult tantrum throwing episode" saver!!

Grab yours HERE! <----

*This post is not sponsored in any way! We just thought they were a super duper idea for saving fridge contents from becoming floor messes.

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