CARAVAN STORAGE - How to maximise space!

We all know that there is not much storage in a caravan, and when you are living int he van full time, then storage becomes a premium.

We tried the smaller chamois type towels, but I am so not a fan (All I can think is that I used one of those on the car to dry it) and I like to have a nice snuggly towel after a shower. Come on, its not like we get many luxuries living in a caravan.

So, we came up with this great idea - three wire shelves cable tied together, light weight shelf holders and we had towel and toiletries bag storage instantly. We installed this above the toilet in our ensuite (our shower is seperate) and I find now that the toiletries bags are easy to access, the spare towels (yes, Diga Dog has a towel of his own) and the beach towels are out of the way.

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