Dog Food Storage

I was asked a few weeks ago about how we store our Diga Dogs food. Well, after two years, and a few failed attempts of storage I am happy to say that we have found a solution.

You see, we used to just store it in the resealable thick plastic bag that his dry food comes in. I probably should mention here, that Diga Dog has a diet of dry food only. We have had the bags chewed through by mice (or a rodent of some sort), so this obviously was not going to work in the long term.

We then stored his food in an hard plastic, lightweight tool box that we found on special at Bunnings. Lets just say, that due to it not being water tight, air tight or properly secured, it turned out to be a bigger disaster than the plastic bag storage issue - yes his food turned mouldy.

So, after much thought, we found a little cooler/esky that is light weight, water tight, air tight and rodent protector of doggie food.

Diga Dog knows it is his food, so he knows that if it is opened it means one thing - dinner time. Being a Labrador, we cannot just leave him food in bowl, because we all know that he will just eat it until he explodes.

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