Swimming holes of the Northern Territory!

The Territory is FULL of natural wonders including the large number of crystal clear swimming holes. Either fast flowing or slow the naturally spring fed waters are mostly healthy, safe from crocs and definitely well worth your time to visit!!

Katherine Hot Springs, NT

Ahhh.... to say this place is absolutely amazing is definitely an understatement! Katherine Hot Springs are known to reach high temperatures of around 25-30 degrees however don’t let this put you off. When we recently visiting in October it was such a perfect temperature.

Floating you way down through crystal clear & fresh water in quite shallow water. Lush green trees and bats hanging in the trees welcome you down the stream whilst witnessing a natural delight.

Mataranka, NT

Another crystal clear, fresh water beauty was Mataranka Springs! Unfortunately bat infested but we still had an awesome time swimming around. Not as natural as the close by Bitter Springs but still amazing.

The water temperature was just.... right and definitely refreshing on these hot days!! Only around a 500m walk in from the car park and you are welcomed to this awesome spring fed pool.... 100% worth a visit that’s for sure!

Bitter Springs, NT

Bitter Springs, right by the town of Mataranka and the bat infested Mataranka Springs. Bitter Springs is only a short walk in from the car park and you sure are greated with amazement!! The springs has quite a mossy and natural bottom with a few trees in the mix creating an awesome atmosphere.

It was so lovely just floating down with the slow current and trying to find more turtles on the river floor. Don’t worry about crocs though as this place is closely monitored by Parks and a Wildlife!! It sure was pure greatness to soak it all in.... then you walk back to the start and do it all again, and again...

Berry Springs, NT

Berry Springs located around 30km’s from Darwin definitely is another natural wonder that’s for sure! Starting with a little waterfall and rock pool area. (which was quite busy when we were here) You are able to float downstream into the second pool which is quite deep.

The water temperature is PERFECT especially on these 40 degree Northern Territory days!! The pool areas are mostly shaded by lush green ferns and easily accessible with ramps and stairway accesses.

A cafe/kiosk is also located on site. This attraction is 100% free however no pets are allowed here. Surprisingly drones are allowed following all regular laws which was awesome meaning we could see the top end of this beautiful place!

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