Staying level with Savvy Level!

How Do you Level your van? Not long after picking up our caravan, we realised that levelling it was more important than making sure we had a working coffee machine – if you know us, you will know a working coffee machine is top priority! We had the van parked up in our driveway, and we got out the big old spirit level. We levelled the van – front to back and side to side. Awesome, but if we moved it from our driveway to a camp spot, I was not going to be doing this. On went the thinking caps and a little trip to Bunnings (at that stage it was 45 minute drive each way) and we purchased two little levels. We took our little levels home, we double checked that the van was level, front to back, side to side. We made sure the water would drain from the shower, the kitchen and bathroom sinks, made a few adjustments….then double checked. Everyone was happy, so we stuck the little spirit levels on the A-frame of the van. One for front and back, one for side to side.

Well this worked well, except that myself or one of the kids have to stick our heads between the van and car to check the levels each time we park up. Not a lot of fun in the pouring rain, let me tell you. Well, Savvy Level II came to our rescue recently. They even gave us a Savvy Level to give away, that is how much they believe in their awesome product. We received our Savvy Level, some of us convinced it would be the best thing since slice bread, and some of us happy with the system already in place. We set the Savvy Level up, on our level van, and low and behold, the van was perfectly level.

We set the Savvy Level to our requirements and set the alarm on it. Now for the test run. We moved camps and on arrival at our new camp site, we drove in and parked up. We activated the Savvy Level and low and behold, it told us we were level. Not convinced, we moved the van to an unlevel site, one that needed levelling ramps. The Savvy Level told us which side needed to go up on the ramps, and the alarm sounded when the van was level with the ramps. As you all know, there are times, when the car, the ground and the ramps will never make the van level, and you need the help of the stabiliser legs. Well, thanks to Savvy Level and the phone, we can be levelling the van with the legs, and not have to keep checking the spirit level.

To power the Savvy Level, we use a 9 volt battery. We do have plans to wire it in to our 12 volt system in the near future. This will ensure that it is always working when needed, and we can get the best out of the product. From sceptic to converts, Savvy Level has us all happy…and on a rainy day I know I will be dry (if the ground is level to start with) thanks to this awesome product.

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