A podcast..... About what?

Recently we were interviewed by A Big Peachy Adventure to talk all things travel but mostly about 'US!' Why? A Big Peachy Adventure is the home of the travelling podcast set to help, improve and support families, couples or singles on the road. So here it is but be sure to tell us what you think!

Travelling full-time with teenagers and a dog?

Today we’re joined by Annie and Liam, part of this family of four who set off early 2016 in their caravan with a plan to do a lap of Australia. After getting everything ready and planning their itinerary… within 2 days that went out the window. 2 1/2 years later they’re still going.

If you haven’t already, check them out on Facebook & Instagram. As well as great articles on www.fourhandsinatincan.net, they’re a stand out for capturing the highlights of the places they visit with their photography and drone use. Liam let’s us know what equipment, drone, and software he uses to get this great look.

Distance Education for a high schooler on the road? Liam also happens to be 14! He lets us know how long he needs to spend on this to get everything done, & still find time for his passion for multimedia.

We also discuss recommendations for those planning extended travel, modifications, and their favourite places.

Thanks so much 'A Big Peachy Adventure' for creating such an amazing platform for travellers! Be sure to head over to their facebook page and give them a like as-well....

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