Australia's Longest Running Play! ....Strahan, Tasmania

Sometimes, when travelling, we are told “Don’t miss (insert activity)” and taking this advice has sometimes led to some very disappointing experiences. So, when we heard that we were not to miss Australia’s longest running play, while in Strahan (Tasmania), we decided we better not.

Now, no-one told us anything about the play, they just told us not to miss it. We were told it was hilarious, it was fun and something we would enjoy and fall in love with. We were told that we would regret it if we didn’t go….but no-one told us anything else about the play.

I am not sure we should tell you anything about the play either, other than we laughed, we laughed and we laughed a hell of a lot more than we have laughed in a long time. We watched, mesmerised and totally, 100% enthralled as the play took place before our eyes. We lost track of time, we forgot about dinner and we wished the play could have gone for longer. Actually, we would all go back and watch it again.

So, hopefully I have succeeded in convincing you to go and enjoy this play. Learn some very interesting history and enjoy an evening of laughter, just like we did. You will never regret experiencing this show, and you will learn about the “Ship that Never Was…” even though I think it really was!!


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