Broome, WA... Camels, Sunsets and a whole lot more!!

Broome, Western Australia is an absolute bucketlist type of town involving many ‘expensive’ activities including riding a camel down the famous, Cable Beach. At around $300 for our family four is was 100% worth it for the 60 minute sunset ride... Enjoying the sunset on the beach whilst riding one of these amazing animals was something we’d never done before!! We’d heard, seen and had been told Red Sun Camels were the best and they absolutely did pay off to be just that...

We got up at 6am (OMG.... so early for us!) and 3 early risers headed out to Gantheum Point for see the fascinating dinosaur footprints in Broome, Western Australia. Super low tide meant we were able to see both sets that had been moulded into the rocks from many millions of years ago...

Not something you see everyday but well worth the rain, slippery rocks and many tourists to see this!! However, if you are time limited whilst in the area don’t feel like you’ve missed out if you didn’t make it.

Willie Creek Pearls we definitely can’t highly recommend enough!! With amazing history and absolutely stunning jewellery we opted to head out for lunch and a tour. The tour began by packing your brain full of information around the oysters and their farm. The second part of the tour included how they farm the oysters, maintain healthy pearls and why they are so unique. Willie Creek is located around 45km from Broome and with tours running around 4 times a day you sure have no reason to miss out....

Directly over the water located on Cable Beach you’ll find the most awesome place to see a sunset in Western Australia according to many people online and can I tell you it probably is! Cable Bech is located around 5 minutes from the Broome CBD where you’ll find a very flat, easily accessible, drivable beach which also happens to be perfect for swimming... Oh, and can I tell you it’s definitely 110% true that an awesome sunset occurs here EVERY night!!! Just stunning.... Have you been?!?

Staircase to the moon... Amazing? Arrrr..... YES, YES, YES! When planning your visit around Broome make sure you don’t miss out on the Staircase to the moon experience. We witnessed this with our mates from Robinson’s & Crew-so, Wander to Wonder Oz, Roving Russo’s and a few other awesome families.

Broome, you sure are one special place filled to the brim of special moments like this! Just another “not to miss” attraction to be added to your list and a bonus is that is it’s totally FREE!!

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