The musts of a travellers camera bag!!!

Capturing the moments and experiences of our amazing adventures is defiantly important to us. As we work with and for many companies we must use 'good' equipment to get the job done including drone, DSLR Camera, GoPro and our trusty iPhones.

[Drone] DJI Mavic Pro

For its compactness and reliability we choose the DJI Mavic Pro to do the job. With a 4K, high quality camera and preset cinematic camera movements its sure to impress you...

Yes, it may be a little expensive at around $1,500, however this trusty piece of equipment is really easy to use and operate. GPS tracking, return to home features and sensors really makes it the DJI Mavic Pro 'crash proof!'

The drone is operated through an app available through your phone and images and video can be downloaded via wifi or the SD which is inside the drone capturing all of your amazing quality video. That is the app screen in the below image...

[Camera] DSLR Canon Camera

We love our 'real' camera. Yes a lot of of phones and tablets have great cameras these days and don't get me wrong, we definitely use our devices to capture those epic shots...

In saying that we still love our Canon DSLR. Our very top tip to whether to purchase a good camera or not is to learn how to USE IT!!! We recently just updated lenses and have really learnt how to use this great piece of equipment properly.... in saying that we are not professional.

A good camera is great but not necessary for everyone - However, we love ours!

[Action Camera] GoPro 6

A good quality action camera is defiantly another necessary item in our equipment arsenal. Getting those epic underwater shots and being able to basically mount it anywhere makes it the perfect little camera.

These camera's are around $600 and for that price you get a shock proof, waterproof and easy to use little camera. Every traveller should get one of these...

[Our Top Tip] Mobile phone camera

These days the trusty old iPhone or Samsung phones have amazingly fantastic cameras; thats for sure... Takes amazing footage and captures stunning photos so if you don't have another camera defiantly don't be afraid to use your phone!

Check out our instagram as most of the photos on our grid are taken via our iPhones as this is the most easily accessible camera on you at all times!

[Gimbal] DJI OSMO Mobile

Our newest and latest addition to our camera bag consists of the DJI Osmo Mobile. This handheld gimbal camera stabiliser ensures we get good, smooth and steady shots for our videos meaning better content.

The handheld gimbal uses your phone as the camera. We opted to go with this one for one; price and two; as the camera on the phones are always upgrading...

Find out more about the DJI Osmo Mobile HERE

So, thats whats in a our camera bag! We use a litepro bag to hold all of this gear! Never ending pockets means we love this bag and would definitely recommend it... Happy and safe adventures and be sure to start capturing those EPIC moments and experiences you and your family are experiencing....

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