Devonport... this freedom camp is a MUST!

We got off the Spirit of Tasmania at 7pm at night, and we were not interested in driving far, so we stopped on the banks of the Mersey River at a council run freedom camp called Horse Head in Devonport, only a five minute drive from the ships dock.

The council charges $10 a night to camp here, with a maximum time of 72 hours. There are no toilets, but there is a dump point and fresh drinking water across the road , and of course, the all important garbage bins. The camping area is flat, green grass. It rained a far bit on our first and second night, and the grassed area did not get boggy. Making it the perfect, green, camping location.

What this spot does have, is an awesome view of the Mersey River. A view that is beautiful to wake up to, and to sit and watch the sun set by every afternoon. It was also a five minute drive into Devonport for groceries, Kmart and other stores.

The ranger does visit every morning, he was very friendly and happy to chat about the area, as well as the Island as a whole. You can also ring and pay the small camping fee over the phone during business hours. This was the perfect, quiet spot to camp on our first three nights in Tasmania, while we orientated ourselves and explored what Devonport had to offer....

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