Ahhhh..... El Questro Station!

We welcome you to one of Australia's best kept secrets located in the heart of the Kimberley Outback. With a large variety of bush walks, thermal springs, horse rides and helicopter flights, ElQuestro Station is defiently hitting the top #5 destinations in Western Australia for us!!! So, here our our top tips, advice and real life experiences from our short 3 day stay in this magically historic part of the world.

ElQuestro Station

ElQuestro Station/Campground, the heart & start of an amazing experience! Offering powered, un-powered, and camp fire friendly sites located directly in front of the river perfect for swimming on these dangerously hot WA days!!

The station also offers cabins and a beautiful restaurant, cafe, live music and Sunday roast nights which were just so relaxing as you watched the sunset in the distance. With dogs allowed inside the campground areas this was PERFECT for us! Bathroom facilities were also very good. The station offers many additional experiences including helicopter flights, horse riding and 4WD tours but unfortunately were booked out for us!

With no internet or phone coverage out here it was nice to relax and explore the historic area. What an awesome time we had..... we would 100% recommend staying in this beautiful place and base yourselves to explore the stunning area & its landscapes!

Zebeedee Springs

ElQuestro Station is quite possibly one of Australia’s best kept outback secrets especially when you get to explore the most amazing places like.... THIS! We welcome you too Zebeedee Springs which is the most easily accessible attraction within the wilderness park.

Zebeedee Springs is located among a fault line causing natural heated water to occur. The springs consist of many quite small to large rocky pools and only a 500m walk from the carpark. The springs do however have leaches swimming around in the lower pool but were not found to be a problem in the others.

The amazing palm trees shade this beautiful place from the sun meaning you can have the all out best experience during its opening times of 7am to 12pm!! We think this attraction was the one to definitely consider for its pure amazement.

ElQuestro Gorge

HOT TIP: Do NOT do this walk in the middle of the day that’s for sure!! ElQuestro Gorge is located around 15km’s from the ElQuestro Homestead and involves an 800mL water crossing to get into the car park.

The gorge walk has two options.... Halfway pool or you can go the full way. We opted for halfway because of the heat and had heard it was not too spectacular or different after this point. The halfway point of ElQuestro gorge and the walk in was the most beautiful thing ever. ElQuestro gorge is a very slippery, wet and rocky type of walk taking us around an hour to reach halfway at around 2.5km’s return.

The amazing colours and rock formations make for an unimaginable experience. Not to mention to stunning landscapes hidden amongst the enormous palm trees swaying in the breeze. Just another reason to visit ElQuestro I guess!!!

Emma Gorge

Ahhhhhh..... SIMPLY. PURE. AMAZEMENT....! WOWZERS what a stunningly spectacular gorge this is and just as we thought we had seen it all our eyes couldn’t believe what was in front of us!!! Emma Gorge is around a 2.5km return gorge walk which involves steep hills, slippery rocks, river crossings and a mind blowing reward at the end.

Emma Gorge is perfect for swimming and I can definitely tell you that it’s was well deserved after such a sweaty walk, that’s for sure. If visiting the area this one is 110% not to be missed! The waterfall is quite amazing but don’t forget to check out the water temperature under the rocks as the fault line continues through here giving a nice warm up to the icy water.

What an amazing time we had, thats for sure! Thanks so much ElQuestro for an amazing time and we 100% recommend visiting for yourself... We have only just scratched the surface but can we tell you - It sure was pure amazement!!! Comment below if you'd like any other specific info but otherwise, safe travels wherever you may happen to be ;)

- Liam!

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