Kalbarri... More than just a window!

We’ve just spent the last 3 nights in and around the area of Kalbarri in Western Australia and man can I say this place definitely needs to be added to your bucket-list ASAP!! From amazing gorge walks to the all so famous Nature’s window, we loved every single minute of this spectacular destination!

Natures Window

A fair drive from the town of Kalbarri itself, we day tripped out to Natures Window. Around $12.00 per car or FREE if you have a Western Australia, all parks pass! From the moment we arrived we just couldn’t believe the amazing landscapes and fantastic rock formations.

An easy 1km walk from the car park down the window... Most of the way is cemented but a few spots require a bit of mono-revering over rocks! When we arrived it was only us there so it was just a big WOW, WOW WOW!!! From the beautiful view and river behind to Nature’s Window itself, the whole thing was just super spectacular! Created from windy conditions blowing onto the rock has created an amazing rugged hole and so the name!

This was a tick off our bucket list BUT THEN.....

Loop Walk

We came prepared and ready to do the easy 9km, grade 4 loop walk around Kalbarri National Parks gorgeous gorges! Starting from Natures Window we began the walk at around 10am... Climbing on rocks, walking on the very side of the river and squeezing our body’s through rocks made for a pretty fun experience...

3km in we stopped on the river for a drink and snack stop.... thinking we have half way! Hahaha, soon to see the sign that we have only walked 3km! Anyway, continuing on walking through such an amazing trail! If you can do it, definitely put this trail / bushwalk on your list - we had an epic time. Until we got back to the car and wanted to die!

Hutt Lagoon - Pink Lake

From ground level it’s pretty ordinary and not really noticeable (unsure if it was because of weather) but man if you have a drone make sure your batteries are charged!! After seeing so many awesome photos online I couldn’t miss the photo opportunity, so even though it was raining I put the drone up (a bit tempting) and captured these epic pics!!!

The pink colour happens because of algae build up within the salt. They use the natural source as part of food colouring production and also makeup, as well as ‘pink or Himalayan’ salt found in shops.

Bell house & Grand Stand Rock

On our way back from visiting the beautifully amazing Pink Lake we came across a cute and fascinating little roadside stop called ‘Bell House & Grand Stand rock! Whilst there we spotted a couple of whales far out to sea breaching and having a good old time... But not to mention the epic rock formations we found! The colours were just so spectacular and the blowholes made for a bit of fun!

Pelican Feeding

Starting at around 8:45 each day on the foreshore in Kalbarri is an experience not to miss! Each person in the crowd is able to hand feed a pelican with the help of the towns locals...

We had around 7 pelicans wonder in for a feed when we arrived so we were very lucky! These birds have the second largest wingspan in the world and can fly for up to 12 hours straight!! They are such blissful animals, especially when landing.

TOP TIP! —> Be sure to attend the pelican feeding at 8:45 on the foreshore. It happens every morning and you have the opportunity to feed the worlds second biggest bird for yourself! Such an amazing experience and be sure to thank the amazing volunteers..!

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