35,000 crocodiles & an awesome sunset.... Lake Argyle, WA

Lake Argyle, another Western Australian location of absolute beauty with an incredible & historic story to be told! Lake Argyle is Australia’s second largest man made lake connected to Australia’s biggest dammed river: The ord river scheme.

Lake Argyle Cruises was the perfect treat for us and as a bonus it was Liam’s birthday. A 2.5 hour boat ride in and around Lake Argyle, at sunset, jam packed full of great info and a very friendly boat driver made for a perfect arvo. (see video at the end...) This is one cruise that is authentic, with a small number of people on the boat, there was plenty of time to not only enjoy the lake, but swimming in at sunset too.

Lake Argyle began to fill in the year of 1971 after 3 tough, dry seasons working to hold these mass amounts of water. Built to prevent drought, wasted water and an irrigation guarantee to the area, the building and production of the lake cost over $20 million dollars. The lake is home to 26 native fish and around 35,000 fresh water crocodiles which live, breed and comfortably survive in this man made environment. The lake also consists of around 70 islands at which rock wallabies are found.

Lake Argyle is located on, within and around one of Australia’s no buried, largest cattle stations. The family were still living inside the planned lake after building but had but didn’t realise how quick it would fill up, waking one morning to water under their beds. The station homestead was saved and is now a museum located not far from the Lake itself today.

171,000 megalitres of water is used from the lake each year and is now a vital source to the local communities, stations and farming businesses, guaranteeing water all year round. The lake, at its level now, can fill Sydney Harbour 26 times but did you know: If the lake was too EVER flood it could fill the harbour over 70 times!

Definitely if you are in the area book yourself onto a sunset cruise, have a swim in this gorgeous location and be sure to fill your camera with simply amazing photos. Don’t forget to checkout the infinity pool located at the caravan park because seriously it was pure gold! Our day couldn’t have got any better.....!!

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