Longford, Tasmania..... a retreat on the river!

Christmas for us was about spending time with new found friends. A lovely couple – Paula and Cedric, who we met along the road in Western Australia. Hearing that we were coming to Tassie for Christmas, they invited us to their town and their home.

Longford is a town with a lot of History, and was once on the Formula One Racing Circuit. I could not imagine these race cars racing through the stunning streets of Longford, but they did. What a sight that would have been! We stayed at the Longford Caravan Park, where we were lucky to have a riverfront camp spot.

The park was has resident ducks, that we were given strict rules about not feeding them. There is an island across from river, that has cattle, and some great walks around the town. There is also a skate/bike park and velodrome just outside the Caravan Parks front gate as well as an awesome park with play equipment nearby. The amenities were clean and stunning, with it costing 20c for three minutes or 40c for 7 minutes worth of showering. We enjoyed our stay in Longford, not only for the great catch up with wonderful friends, but for the beauty, history and peacefulness this town offered us.

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