Meet Billy - OUR TOP TIPS!

Let me introduce you to Billy. Billy is our collapsible kettle. He is small in structure and very cute. Billy is a 900-watt electric kettle, and due to this, we can use him when off grid.

Our battery system, and inverter allows us to use billy. He uses approximately 0.6% of our 400 amp hours of lithium battery power when boiling enough water to make four cups of tea or coffee. This makes him very economical, and means we don’t have to fire up the gas on the side of the road on travel days.

Thanks to our REDARC Electronics Battery Charger (BCDC1240D) we know that our batteries will always be in a position to allow Billy to be used, and for our addiction to tea and coffee to be fulfilled.

So, if setting up your camper, caravan or motor home, then take a look at Billy. While he may be a little more expensive than your average k-mart kettle, he uses a lot less wattage than your average kettle.

Here's a great place you can find him >> (PRESS HERE!)

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