Montezuma Falls.... The BIGGEST waterfall in Tasmania!

You cannot visit Tasmania without visiting Montezuma Falls. It seems that everyone visits these awesome falls, and we can totally understand why.

Due to fires in the area, we at first thought that we were going to miss them, and we were planning how we were going to backtrack to ensure we didn’t miss out. We had to miss Zeehan due to the fires, but luckily we could experience Montezuma Falls.

We drove in from Rosebery, and after some investigation, we realised that we could get the van all the way to the start of the walk. Sure, the road was a bit windy, and if it wasn’t a Semi Off road van, then we would not have attempted it. You can camp at the start of the track, and there is a drop toilet there.

We were told it was a 5km walk…..let’s make it clear here….we didn’t hear or read the “Each Way” bit. So, it was actually an 10km walk through lush forest, some muddy areas on the walkway and along the historic North East Dundas Tramway. The best part of the walk was that Diga Dog could come with us – the funny part is that he is scared of heights, so we had to carry him over the two bridges that lead to the falls and the swinging bridge.

Montezuma Falls are one of the highest falls in Tasmania, with the water falling from about 104 metres above the ground. You can walk to the base of the falls, or walk the swinging bridge to get a great view of not only the falls, but the river and the valley. It is an easy walk, so don’t be put off by the distance.

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