Pet sitting in Tom Price - OUR TOP TIPS!

While we wanted to spend time exploring Karijini National Park, we knew that we could not camp in the National Park, because of our Diga Dog.

So, we contacted the Tom Price Visitor Information Centre, and as part of the visit we asked about Dog Sitters. We knew about the dog kennel in town, but we do prefer him to go to someones house over a kennel.

With a short list of names and numbers in hand, I took a deep breath and rang the first number on the list. The lovely Kylie answered the phone and after a short conversation, it was decided that not only would Diga visit or a day, and we would rush our visit to the Gorges, but he would have an over night stay.

Kylie informed me that her young children were missing their dog, who had passed away a few months ago, so at the moment they offer to dog sit. Kylie refused to accept any money for the service, but did say a big thank you with a huge box of chocolates for the family.

Diga was spoilt, and when we arrived to pick him up, he actually sat next to Kylie and looked at us...I really think he was weighing up his options. Lucky for us, upon hearing the car boot open, he bolted out her front door and into the car. If you are ever in Tom Price, then ask the info centre for the details of the local pet sitters. I am guessing that they will all be like Kylie and her family.

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