Things to see & do around Kununurra, WA

Kununurra, a town we expected to be quite boring and just a bit of a 'stop over!' Well expect a bit more... With so much to see, do and experience we spent 4 nights at the lovely Ivanhoe Village caravan park located right in town. Lush green sites with mass amounts of room we had the perfect time and so did Diga dog.

1. Ivanhoe Crossing

Ivanhoe Crossing was built for ease of access across the river once when there was no alternate route. The bridge is still open today at low tides as a bit of a novelty for tourists.

The crossing is quite dangerous. No fishing or walking allowed and is closely monitored by rangers. Only around 30km's for Kununurra we had fun with the drone, trying to spot crocs and of course the excitement of doing a little water crossing.

2. Lake Argyle Sunset Cruise (100% not to be missed!)

Lake Argyle, Australia's second largest man made lake holding 26 Sydney harbours and home to around 35,000 crocodiles. The lake can be seen from space even!!!

It was Liam's birthday so we also splurged out and took a sunset cruise with "Lake Argyle cruises.' What an amazing time we had from learning the history of why and how it was built. We enjoyed nibbles floating in the water whilst taking in an absolutely amazing sunset. Would 100% recommend!!

Check out our full story HERE for more info... :-)

3. Sandal Wood factory outlet

Whilst touring around the area we popped into the Sandal wood factory to check out its similarity and connection to others we had seen. Growing of these trees is mostly done in this area and is where the sandal wood is mostly sourced from to factories further down to the south in WA.

With loads of amazing scents, candles, mozzie coils and perfumes it was simply hard for the girls not to walk out empty handed, thats for sure...

4. Lake Argyle Infinity pool

OMG... amazing? Hell yeah!! The infinity pool is located at the Lake Argyle caravan park and overlooks the majestic lake. If you are not staying in the area don't worry as its still open to the public for a small fee. We loved spending a relaxing afternoon here before driving back to Kununurra.

Check out our full story HERE for more info... :-)

Some other awesome things to do in the area included below. Unfortunately things we had no time to do;

1. Sunset atop Kelly's Knob

2. Zebra Rock Gallery

3. Butterfly caves

4. Hoochery

+ so much more!!

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