A Travellers Christmas guide!

With Christmas quickly approaching and many people set to head off over the festive season, here are our top products that we've found to be handy, practical and useful on the road! With just clocking up 1,000 days on the road or 100,000km's I think you can trust us...and some of these suppliers are offering great discounts for our followers, just in time for Christmas.

1. TAWK Card

The Travel Australia with Kids card enables kids to stay 100% FREE for at least two+ nights at 100+ parks across Australia! This list is growing super fast and also offers a 10% discount on selected activities around Australia, like Lake Argyle Cruises, WA. This is one of the best membership, cost effective, cards we have purchased. Click HERE for more info....

2. Redarc Solar Blanket (& we reckon best on the market too!)

REDARC’s 115W Solar Blanket SunPower® Cells have been designed for portability and strength they feature no grid lines, a solid copper backing and thick connectors for higher efficiency. The unique design of SunPower cells reduces cell failure from corrosion and breakage.

Using an anti-reflective scratch-resistant ETFE coating, the 115W SunPower solar blanket features a high melting temperature, is UV resistant and has chemical and self-cleaning non-stick resistance properties, making this blanket highly reliable and efficient. Designed to charge 12 volt Automotive, Marine and Recreational Vehicle battery systems, the 115W SunPower blanket will provide extra battery charge to power 12 volt equipment. It is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable, easy to store and is about a third of the weight of an equivalent glass folding panel.

What’s more, set up is now even easier thanks to genuine, industry standard Anderson™ SB50 connectors. These high quality Anderson™ plugs are simple and fast to connect with no screw terminals and no risk of poor connections from frayed wires or loose terminals – just plug and play! Click HERE for more info....

3. Oricom Handheld UHF

The ULTRA500 5 watt radio is the ideal UHF handheld radio if you're keen on 4WDing and caravanning but is also another ideal product for the kids hanging around the caravan park whilst having the ability to be a bit more


With it being dust and water proof there are no worries about how reliable this radio actually is especially when they offer a 3 year warranty! 80 channels, 30 hour operating time and a tough chassis this baby will assist you anywhere...! Click HERE for more info....


The BatteryCharge15 is a 15 Amp automatic battery charger with seven charge states. Depending on the size of the battery, you can adjust output current to 5, 10 or 15 Amps. BatteryCharge15 delivers high-performance intelligent charging. Use it with all types of 12 Volt Lead Acid batteries, such as AGM, Gel, Calcium, or Wet, as well as with LiFePO4 Lithium batteries.

You can also use the charger to recondition sulphated lead acid batteries or revive drained LiFePO4 batteries. Moreover, it is ok to leave the battery permanently connected to the charger without damage or adverse effect on its performance.

Use BatteryCharge15 to service your car, caravan, bike, truck, boat, jet ski, tractor, or as a spare charger. The smart battery charger has protective circuits to prevent it from sparking and overheating. It also features an informative LED interface, which indicates the stage of the charge cycle, selected battery chemistry, and battery charge rate. Click HERE for more info....

As it is nearly Christmas, and many of you are getting your battery systems sorted, BMPRO have offered our followers a discount when purchasing a BatteryCharge15 and/or BatteryCharge25, use the discount code: "fhtc245833" The code is only valid until 20/12/2018.

5. Ninja Shark Dive Mask

If you thought snorkelling wasn’t for you, perhaps you’ve just been using the wrong type of snorkel. The Ninja Shark full face snorkel mask is a revolutionary new mask that solves a number of issues caused by normal snorkels, opening up a whole new world for both snorkelling noobs and pros.

Uncomfortable breathing? No worries, you can breathe both through your nose and mouth with the full face snorkel. Choking on water? Not a problem – the full face snorkel mask has a sealed air valve to prevent water from entering the snorkel. Foggy mask? Non-existent, with an anti-fog design that gives you crystal clear vision both in and out of the water. Is snorkelling starting to sound a little more doable now?

The full face snorkel mask includes a handy foldable design for easy movement and storage, flat lens and panoramic view for an enhanced experience, and detachable GoPro mount for awesome photos and videos. Click HERE for more info....

As it is nearly Christmas, Ninja Shark are offering our followers a 10% discount, so If purchasing use the discount code: "FourHands18" to grab this deal.

6. Savvy Level

You pay up to $100,000 for a caravan or camper trailer (sometimes more) and yet your caravan comes supplied with ancient technology to level it in the form of a bubble. Demand SavvyLevel from them and bring them into the 21st century as SavvyLevel allows you to level to your own preset level (so the fridge works properly, the water drains correctly and your head is up as you sleep for instance) in under a minute BY YOURSELF. SavvyLevel offers NO FUSS levelling.

Think about how good that would be? No more running to check the bubble back and forth. No more arguments at set up time. Just quick efficiant levelling to 0.1 degree. Do you know if your van is out as little as 1 degree - that equates to 50mm in the expanse of a general van, 2 degrees out of level equates to 100mm off centre. Click HERE for more info....

Oh, and since we are getting super close to Christmas, Savvy Level have offered you a 10% off code when purchasing. Enter "LEVELHAPPY" at checkout but this is for our followers only!! ;-) Click HERE for more info....

7. Emergency Survival Swag

Designed with the ability to transform and be used as a sling, splint, immobilisation device or water carrier. Rescue Swag provides you with the functionality of a complete, portable, durable and compact outdoor first aid kit. With a keen interest in educating and instructing to eliminate doubt and giving you the confidence and peace of mind to perform first aid and treat a broad range of injuries and conditions. Click HERE for more info....

8. Caravanning With Kids - Travel Journal

Whether you enjoy occasional overnight stays, weekends away, international adventures, months of adventures on the road or even sleepovers – The TRAVEL JOURNAL is packed with 92 journal pages to document your daily experiences.

Draw, write or attach a photo. The kids (and grown-ups) in your family will have a wonderful time documenting the highlights and happenings of each and every day (and looking back on the memories in the months and years to come – wire bound with a protective plastic sleeve). Click HERE for more info....

9. Caravanning With Kids - Pegless Clothesline

We have tried and tested most of the Pegless Clotheslines on the market and when we used these beauties, we fell in love… Fell in love with the quality, design and the fact that they are designed and manufactured in Melbourne is just a BONUS…

UV protected plastic means they will not go brittle or fade and capable of holding wet towels, jeans and all the heavy stuff. You can make it as long or as short as you require – perfect for outside and indoors too. Camping, Caravanning, Cruising, Hiking, Fishing, Backpacking, Motels…perfect for ALL types of travelling adventures… Click HERE for more info....

10. Step 'n' Store

The Step 'n' Store is a lightweight aluminium step with no assembly required. It will solve a lot of storage problems while caravanning and camping. Features a light weight aluminium step, provides secure receptacle for a bin, built in shoe rack, sturdy, heavy duty, generous platform.

Provision for umbrella, broom, mop etc, no moving parts, Generous weight allowance of 180 kg and multiple uses. Heavy duty rubber feet, maintains an organised camp site, is easy to clean, comes fully assembled, holds a wide range of kitchen tidy bins and defiantly solves storage problems in transit. Click HERE for more info....

11. Survival Emergency Solutions

Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts and developed in conjunction with snake safety experts, SSSafe, the SURVIVAL Snake Bite First Aid KIT is built around the success of SURVIVAL’s revolutionary Smart Bandage to effectively manage potentially deadly snake and Funnel-web spider bites.

Complete with all the first aid contents you need to assist in the onsite treatment of a venomous snake or Funnel-web spider bite, this KIT also contains lifesaving instructions on correct snake bite bandage technique. Make the smart choice. Don’t go exploring without one. Click HERE for more info....

12. Ezy Anchor

Ezy Anchor makes set up and take down time extremely quick with the use of a cordless drill or impact driver, meaning the recreational time that you have come to enjoy is available in minutes and not hours.

Ezy Anchor has been designed for use by any member of the family that is of an age who are safe to use a cordless drill or impact driver and therefore family members can be happy helping to set up and take down camp. What could be better? Click HERE for more info....

Wishing all our followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your travels be safe ones! Thanks so much for following our journey and we hope you got some awesome ideas above.... Oh, and if you don't already, please follow us on instagram HERE!!

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