Travelling the Distance? Sanity is key...

Travelling long distances is most definitely a regular occurrence for full time, part time and once off travellers! Bored and reckless children (and teenagers!) obviously means cranky adults!!! So, after nearly three years on the road full time here, are our TOP TIPS to keeping kids happy in the car, bus, train or plane...!

1. Invest in an iPad or Tablet

For us the DVD player never gets used! With a 14 year old and 10 year old they are just past that stage of wanting to watch a movie 300 times over and over! #boring PLUS + they normally don’t want to watch the same thing as each other.

So, iPads are the win! Mia loves to play here cooking, fairy, makeup and candy crush games whilst Liam is more interested in social media, downloading TV shows or ‘shooting’ games...

Now on that point, a regular gift for birthdays is ii iTunes cards! Cheap movie and show downloads which has proved to be a WIN WIN in our car!!!

2. Get some GOOD headphones!

You will learn that we are 100% correct in saying this very, very quick! The car is not a humongous place and yes, you are all having to listen to each other, but when listening to the radio I can assure you that you will not be interested in listing to a Barbie game in the back seat!!! Grrrrrrr

So, a quick solve; HEADPHONES!!!!! (And good ones otherwise you will regularly be back at Kmart asking for a replacement)

3. Spotto

Our favourite family car game automatically starting on every travel day! What’s the point? To keep the whole family (including the driver) actively looking our their windows to spot certain things FIRST in order to receive a number of points.

The objects that we have in our game is

  • Police Cars (1 point)

  • Car or truck towing a horse float (5 points)

  • JetSki trailer (10 points)

  • Farm animals in a box trailer (win the game!)

We have so much fun playing this BUT if you don’t get any points in the travel day well, you have to be crazy and dance around the caravan like an idiot... hahahaha

4. Road kill cricket

Not a game for all but when travelling the country side of this great land you definitely see a ton of dead animals or ‘roadkill’ as we all call it. So, why not name a game to match? It’s easy as Spotto above....

Certain dead animals equal to a set number of points. You must call ‘Road kill cricket’ first in the car to win! What do I win?

  • Dead kanga (1 point)

  • Dead bird (1 point)

  • Dead horse (10 points)

  • Dead emu (10 points)

  • Dead cow (30 points)

  • Dead pig (win the game)

So, will you be playing this next time your in the car? The kids find it super fun (and the adults love a bit of fun too!)

5. Road trip bingo

As you know, we have two older kids on the road! Object/road trip bingo obviously doesn’t really interest them so this is for the younger ones... A set board (like below) of certain things to find. Cross them all off your table before the end of your road trip day to possibly get a ‘high-five’ from Mum and Dad! WoooHooo....

For more stuff like this check out Caravanning with Kids and Travel Australia with Kids!!

Keeping the kids entertained, happy and not fighting with each other is definitely the key to happy travels.

Comment below and share with us and our audience your top tips for other people to see... Happy travels, happy kids and ‘maybe’ happy parents?!

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