Our Inflative Trick for Tyres

When we purchased our Tyre Monitoring system, it quickly became apparent that we would be putting them off and on, on a regular basis. After all, Australia is full of beaches to drive on, bush tracks and four wheel driving.

Each little monitor comes with a locking nut – I know this is for theft prevention – but it also means that it makes taking the monitors off a little bit harder. If you have arthritis or kids, it can make taking them on and off a little bit difficult.

After a bit of research, we found what is called T-Valves. After much more research, we realised that we could not purchase these in Australia, so thanks to EBay, we imported them from America.

The T-Values (as you can see in the picture) has two arms – one for the tyre monitoring system and one for inflation and deflation. This means, that the dust caps can be removed easily and the tyres deflated and inflated without having to touch the monitors.

They did have to be fitted by a tyre fitter, and while they hadn't heard of them, they were quite interested in them.

So call us lazy, but we think it is actually smarter and easier to have these valves fitted. It also means that the kids can learn to inflate and deflate the tyres without the stress or removing and refitting the monitors.

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