Whalesharks, Turtles & Ningaloo Reef... Is this the best day yet?

Yesterday was probably one of the best days EVER on this epic trip around Australia! We’ve experienced so many amazing attractions and done our fair share of tours but this one 100% stands out....

Ningaloo Whale Shark ‘n’ Dive welcomes us onboard their grand, specialty build cruiser at around 8am set for a day of swimming with Whale Sharks. First off a little snorkel right before spotting the largest shark in the ocean, not quite as big as a whale cruised along right beside our fingertips. Enjoying all the attention he kept us chasing him.

Built for the ocean these gentle giants have a spotted type body. Easily seen underwater swimming on the surface before taking a dive for up to 80% of its life. Coming to the Ningaloo Reef yearly up until September these amazing creatures feed on the plankton after coral breeding.

The staff onboard Ningaloo Whale Shark ‘n’ Dive definitely had the knowledge and know how to answer all your queries. An on board biologist helps spot and trace the shark to help keep us watching whilst their spotter plane keeps comms with our boat.

If your in the area why not stop by Exmouth in Western Australia and admire these spectacular sea animals BUT that’s not all! We also enjoyed a lovely afternoon snorkeling around one of Australia’s best reefs. Turtles, Dugongs and amazing corals were all to be seen!!

TAKE NOTE: All images thanks to the amazing on-board photographer, Jess Harden

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