When Birds and Humans Collaborate

We were driving along the road into Quobba (near Carnarvon, WA) when we spotted an unusual happening on the light poles.

There were birds’ nests, about three quarters of the way up the pole, and yet this is not physically possible. So, of course, we had to stop and investigate this happening and work out what was going on.

Well, obviously, someone has put on their collaborative thinking cap, and thought about how to allow the birds to nest without electrical wires becoming involved. The have attached car wheel rims to the light poles.

It seems that the birds are loving the idea too, because they putting this to good use. Just about every third or fourth pole had a tyre rim, and all but a couple appeared to house some very happy birds, going by the nests.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was implemented in more places around Australia? Comment below is you agree...

(Some images from the Quobba Blowholes)

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